VAT representation and customs

Got a company registered abroad and thinking about setting up shop in Norway? Or do you find yourself juggling imports across borders – and want to be absolutely certain everything’s in order? Here at Aider we know every clause and paragraph in the book – so you don’t have to.

Anyone who’s tried navigating the maze of customs and VAT knows it’s riddled with pitfalls. Is everything documented as it should be? Are your reports in the correct format? And what about that item that’s been sold to Norway, but has not yet been imported?


Aider is here to safely guide you past those pitfalls, all the way to your destination.


We’ve gathered all the expertise in one squad. We know the laws and industry rules inside out. Challenges that are new to you, are just another day at the office for us. So, why not save yourself the time and headache and let us handle it? This way you can kick back and relax – knowing full well your business is in the best of hands.


Tone Skovly Gabrielsen

Senior Manager

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aider regnskapsføreren

Before they come to us, many of our clients try to do this all on their own. And while it’s certainly not impossible to DIY, mistakes can be both time-consuming and expensive to fix – Tony Skovly Gabrielsen, manager at Aider

Need a representative in Norway who’s clued in on the local laws and regulations?

We’ve got you covered. We can be your liaison with public authorities, manage all your correspondences – and even handle your VAT accounting, if you so wish. 

Need a review and follow-up when something new pops up? We can do that too.


In a nutshell, here’s what you can delegate to Aider – saving yourself a whole lot of worries:

  • Setting up a Norwegian company (documentation, registration)
  • VAT accounting and reporting
  • Managing customs
  • Acting as a liaison with public authorities

No more tumbling down rabbit holes of errors. Should any discrepancies arise, we spot and flag them ASAP.

Want to save time and avoid headaches – and be fully prepared when the taxman cometh? Get help with VAT and customs